Two hunting products we want to provide.

Over the past 6 months we’ve had two goals for the fall hunting season.

The first has been to solve the issue with a gun mount for a wheelchair. What appeared to be a easy challenge has turned out to be quite difficult. We’ve looked at a great deal of existing products but most don’t seem to fit what we are trying to accomplish. The challenge is with all of the variations of wheelchairs there isn’t a simple and low cost way to attach a mount. We’ve been looking at a few other products that we can modify and hope to have something soon but I’m worried since I don’t have the time to do this the right way. One solution is to just create a mount for a low cost wheelchair and let the customer decide if they need a second chair. We really don’t want to do this but it may be are only choice to get a initial product out on the market.

The second is to have tree stands that we would provide. So far we’ve seen about 5 products with some of them being very good designs. The issue is with a limited production run and then adding in all the design and engineering time drive the cost up. We haven’t found a good solution to this one yet so we may just look at providing links or referrals to these companies.

We would very much appreciate any comments on these two items.



Anglers Aid – Helps Land the big fish

We’ve Talked about letting you know when someone has a great experience with some of the products we have on our site: This is a email from one of them.

“I went on a fishing trip to Yakutat Alaska. I only have the use of my right hand because of a straoke I had in January of 2008. I ordered your rod holder and was successful in landing a twelve to sixteen pound silver salmon in the Situck River. Thank you for a wonderful product. I couldn’t have fished without the holder.”



Idea from one of our site visitors

Here is a email from one visitor to our product website with a interesting idea:

As an avid hunter and fisherman I am glad to see that someone is watching out for the challenged.

I lost my left eye fishing in the Amazon jungle, then had a few heart operations leaving me not too strong in the arms. As I shoot left handed and my left eye has a prosthesis, I needed to switch shooting to the right side. I couldn’t do this so my solution for what it was worth is as follows: I took a door stopper and clamped it on the end of the barrel of the shotgun. Now I could shoot right handed. Also painted the rubber end of the stop white. Now when geese get within 20 yrs I am able to make fair shots. I called all the major scope companies and they didn’t give me any help. This worked for me- maybe you can improve on my 90 cent invention. Good luck.”


Hunters 4 Hunters

We received a email about our site from Mike Bell (he writes a blog called Hunters 4 Hunters). His blog is focusing on giving you all the information he can find on some of the greatest groups of people in the hunting community. Groups like Hunters Helping Hunters, Hunt of a Lifetime, NWTF’s Wheeling Sportsman, Hunt for a Cure, Hunters for the Hungry, United Special Sportsman Alliance, and Buckmaster’s American Deer Foundation are just a few. He also shares with you, the people that make these groups happen. Almost all of these groups need help with funding and volunteers. He also introduces you to some of the most amazing people who benefit from these groups. He is also associated with a group called Hunters Helping Hunters so you should also check out this site also.


Disabled Hunting Equipment

We have started the process of finding Adaptive Hunting Equipment to our site. We feel it’s important to start now since we want to provide a variety of products that will help anyone with a handicap hunt. We are looking at manufacturers of tree stands and blinds right now but plan to add additional products as we find them. We’ve also built a prototype of a tripod gun or crossbow rig. We are also looking at adding this directly to a wheelchair as a secondary option. Our goal is to use as many off the shelf products from a number of great companies. This should eliminate a great deal of manufacturing time and cost. We’ll provide a update soon.


Our press release

We have launched our site and now provided a internet press release and podcast ( a interview with my wife). Renee is discussing the how, what and why. Actually, Renee has done a great job at the Podcast and I hope you all get a chance to listen to it. The link to the press release and Podcast is at Please take a look.



The launch of Adaptive Outdoorsman!

Well it’s been about 2 months since my wife and I launched the site and we would like to let you know how this all started.

The inspiration for the company ( belongs to a 16-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy – the nephew of a friend mine.

“He would sit in his home at this huge picture window and watch the deer. And one of his wishes was to go deer hunting,”. So my friend and I decided to take the youth hunting.

After struggling to get the teenager and his wheelchair to a suitable hunting site, we discovered the youth had too little strength in his arms to hold a rifle. We tried several methods and none of them worked,”. This is what got us thinking about how to help him.

A search of the Internet revealed lots of small businesses, and some not so small, manufacturing adaptive gear – some of it better than others. But one thing missing altogether was a place to go “one-stop shopping”.

“After talking and thinking about this, we decided that this was a business perfect for us.” It fit well with my love of hunting and fishing, and the outdoors. And for my wife Renee, a stay-at-home Mom for many years, and an avid school and community volunteer, it was an ideal way of helping others.


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