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New Fishing Reel (PowerFishn Reel) and Tents (OzTents)


We have a added a few more exciting products to our site.

The PowerFish’n Pro features a Shakespeare spinning reel fitted with a strong, quiet, electric motor to enhance the fishing experience. It gives users the ability to manually hand crank the line in as well as retrieve it automatically with the touch of a switch.

The Australian quick tent ” OZTENT”, is a multi-award winning ripstop poly cotton blend canvas tent. These canvas camping tents are the perfect RV accessory for hassle free camping! Released in 1993, this canvas tent blend is considered by many as the best RV accessory on the market today. The quick tent RV accessory design can easily be set up by one person in less than 30 seconds!

Take a look for more details on our wbe site:


Potential new adaptive fishing and camping gear

We’ve been looking a more products this year that focus on providing more adaptive fishing and camping gear. Although we’ve not completed any agreements I want to provide a quick update on what we are looking at.

The first is a tent that is very easy to setup and take down. It’s not specifically made for those with a disability but it does look like it will help.

Another product is a automatic caster and reeling device for a fishing rod and reel. It attaches to a wheelchair and can even support sip and puff.

We have a automatic fish hook setter that may be a test product since it’s not in full production yet.

One more is a great wheelchair that is made to be used in a outdoor setting.

We believe we can provide these new products by the spring but we’ll keep you updated as time goes on.

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Fall Hunting products

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve updated the blog. Our focus has been on adding products for the fall hunting season:

Gun Mounts for wheelchairs
Bow Mount for wheelchairs
Associated pistol mounts and other equipment
New camo setup for wheelchairs.

I hope that this adaptive equipment helps everyone for the fall season.


First Year Anniversary Press Release and new products

We’ve reached a milestone at and that’s our one year anniversary of being online. We have to say the most satisfying part of the last year is hearing stories on how our products have helped you to start fishing or hunting again. We’ve even had a press release celebrating our anniversary and some of the new products we’ve added. If you like to read it you can access it here:

First Year Anniversary Press Release

We would like to thank everyone who has purchased a product and we sincerely hope that we’ve been able help you enjoy the outdoors.

Mike & Renee


Summer and Fall products the search continues

Well summer is almost here and we continue to look for products to add to our site. We’ve added a interesting product called “Magic Knot” that connects to a fishing rod that helps someone thread fishing line on a hook plus tie a knot. We have a couple of more products in the works for summer.

We visited the Ohio Deer and Turkey expo a couple of weeks ago and have found several items we are working on to add for the fall season also. Overall we think that we’ll be able to really improve the hunting section this year with a great mix of products.

We at hope you’ll have a great summer.


Getting ready for summer

With Spring and Summer just around the corner we have a lot going on. We’ve started adding additional products to the website in order to provide more selections. We hope these additional products can help a wider variety of individuals. Second we’ve been working on some of our own products but our concern is getting them in a form that can sold (not the usual duck tape versions that we come across). Also we hope to be able to get a new catalog out there in the next couple of months providing we can get all of the new products out there.


Thank you for a great starting year

We at would very much like to thank everyone who has visited our site in 2008. We know that from a product selection we’ve not been able to add products as fast as we could. Quite frankly there just isn’t a great deal of products out there that we don’t already have with the exception of some high end items and some bad products we wouldn’t want to sale. Overall we hope that in 2009 we can add more products.

Thank you again.

Comments Clothing

Although we have discussed this for awhile we’ve finally tried to add clothing and other misc items using our logo. It’s a interesting model since we actually have setup a link to another company that specializes in selling your logo items. Right now you can get to our logo items in 2 ways:

1) and then follow the links

2) and this gets you right to the site

We hope that we’ll be able to improve the number of products and provide some other logo selections in the future.


Wheelin’ Sportsman Event

We were able to provide ground blinds and shooting sticks to a recent Wheelin’ Sportsman event here in Ohio. Before I provide the most important comment about the event I would like to provide a quick description about Wheelin’ Sportsman from their website:

Wheelin’ Sportsmen NWTF provides people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. Its magazine, Wheelin’ Sportsmen, and its Web site,, are dedicated to the education and entertainment of these enthusiasts and their able-bodied outdoor partners.

The most important comment from the email:

It was “fabulous” if I quote one of the participants. They were THRILLED with the doghouse blinds and shooting sticks. Thank you!

This is what it’s all about!


Two hunting products we want to provide.

Over the past 6 months we’ve had two goals for the fall hunting season.

The first has been to solve the issue with a gun mount for a wheelchair. What appeared to be a easy challenge has turned out to be quite difficult. We’ve looked at a great deal of existing products but most don’t seem to fit what we are trying to accomplish. The challenge is with all of the variations of wheelchairs there isn’t a simple and low cost way to attach a mount. We’ve been looking at a few other products that we can modify and hope to have something soon but I’m worried since I don’t have the time to do this the right way. One solution is to just create a mount for a low cost wheelchair and let the customer decide if they need a second chair. We really don’t want to do this but it may be are only choice to get a initial product out on the market.

The second is to have tree stands that we would provide. So far we’ve seen about 5 products with some of them being very good designs. The issue is with a limited production run and then adding in all the design and engineering time drive the cost up. We haven’t found a good solution to this one yet so we may just look at providing links or referrals to these companies.

We would very much appreciate any comments on these two items.



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