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Ken’s Power Caster

We have added a new picture of the types and size of fish you can catch with the Ken’s Power Caster.

A fisherman in Oregon with his 11lb and 8lb steelhead he landed on his first time out with the sip n puff controlled Ken’s Power Caster.

Fish caught on a Ken's Power Caster

Fish caught on a Ken's Power Caster

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Potential new adaptive fishing and camping gear

We’ve been looking a more products this year that focus on providing more adaptive fishing and camping gear. Although we’ve not completed any agreements I want to provide a quick update on what we are looking at.

The first is a tent that is very easy to setup and take down. It’s not specifically made for those with a disability but it does look like it will help.

Another product is a automatic caster and reeling device for a fishing rod and reel. It attaches to a wheelchair and can even support sip and puff.

We have a automatic fish hook setter that may be a test product since it’s not in full production yet.

One more is a great wheelchair that is made to be used in a outdoor setting.

We believe we can provide these new products by the spring but we’ll keep you updated as time goes on.

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