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Summer and Fall products the search continues

Well summer is almost here and we continue to look for products to add to our site. We’ve added a interesting product called “Magic Knot” that connects to a fishing rod that helps someone thread fishing line on a hook plus tie a knot. We have a couple of more products in the works for summer.

We visited the Ohio Deer and Turkey expo a couple of weeks ago and have found several items we are working on to add for the fall season also. Overall we think that we’ll be able to really improve the hunting section this year with a great mix of products.

We at hope you’ll have a great summer.


Getting ready for summer

With Spring and Summer just around the corner we have a lot going on. We’ve started adding additional products to the website in order to provide more selections. We hope these additional products can help a wider variety of individuals. Second we’ve been working on some of our own products but our concern is getting them in a form that can sold (not the usual duck tape versions that we come across). Also we hope to be able to get a new catalog out there in the next couple of months providing we can get all of the new products out there.