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Although we have discussed this for awhile we’ve finally tried to add clothing and other misc items using our logo. It’s a interesting model since we actually have setup a link to another company that specializes in selling your logo items. Right now you can get to our logo items in 2 ways:

1) and then follow the links

2) and this gets you right to the site

We hope that we’ll be able to improve the number of products and provide some other logo selections in the future.


Wheelin’ Sportsman Event

We were able to provide ground blinds and shooting sticks to a recent Wheelin’ Sportsman event here in Ohio. Before I provide the most important comment about the event I would like to provide a quick description about Wheelin’ Sportsman from their website:

Wheelin’ Sportsmen NWTF provides people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. Its magazine, Wheelin’ Sportsmen, and its Web site,, are dedicated to the education and entertainment of these enthusiasts and their able-bodied outdoor partners.

The most important comment from the email:

It was “fabulous” if I quote one of the participants. They were THRILLED with the doghouse blinds and shooting sticks. Thank you!

This is what it’s all about!