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Two hunting products we want to provide.

Over the past 6 months we’ve had two goals for the fall hunting season.

The first has been to solve the issue with a gun mount for a wheelchair. What appeared to be a easy challenge has turned out to be quite difficult. We’ve looked at a great deal of existing products but most don’t seem to fit what we are trying to accomplish. The challenge is with all of the variations of wheelchairs there isn’t a simple and low cost way to attach a mount. We’ve been looking at a few other products that we can modify and hope to have something soon but I’m worried since I don’t have the time to do this the right way. One solution is to just create a mount for a low cost wheelchair and let the customer decide if they need a second chair. We really don’t want to do this but it may be are only choice to get a initial product out on the market.

The second is to have tree stands that we would provide. So far we’ve seen about 5 products with some of them being very good designs. The issue is with a limited production run and then adding in all the design and engineering time drive the cost up. We haven’t found a good solution to this one yet so we may just look at providing links or referrals to these companies.

We would very much appreciate any comments on these two items.



Anglers Aid – Helps Land the big fish

We’ve Talked about letting you know when someone has a great experience with some of the products we have on our site: This is a email from one of them.

“I went on a fishing trip to Yakutat Alaska. I only have the use of my right hand because of a straoke I had in January of 2008. I ordered your rod holder and was successful in landing a twelve to sixteen pound silver salmon in the Situck River. Thank you for a wonderful product. I couldn’t have fished without the holder.”